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West Coast of Australia

visiting West Coast of Australia

Western Australia: Seven reasons to visit the West Coast

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Do you need seven reasons to visit Western Australia? For me it would be enough only one: it is in Australia, how many other reasons you want to go to see it? Do not ever understand, but if you really need a reason to go to Australia, here are seven!

visiting West Coast of Australia

First reason for visiting West Coast of Australia: To Ningaloo Reef you can swim with whale sharks Ok, I agree, maybe it’s a valid reason especially for the brave, but from March to July, it seems that here you can see the migration of whale sharks. You can spot them from the boats, but also snorkel and swim with them.

Also on the West Coast of Australia, here you can not miss a visit to Rottnest Island. It is a quiet island, just a few minutes by ferry from Perth, walkable. You can rent a bicycle to explore it and have fun: it has some beautiful secluded beaches where you can sunbathe or go snorkeling to admire the limestone cliffs that surround the island, rich in coral and colorful fish. If you love diving, also here there are at least ten wrecks of sunken ships.Read More »Western Australia: Seven reasons to visit the West Coast