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week in Madrid to celebrate

vacation in Madrid

Take a week in Madrid to celebrate

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Ideal for a change of air, full of historical monuments all more beautiful some than others, and especially to its reputation of famous city nightlife, the reasons we never want to go for a ride to Madrid.

vacation in Madrid

For a weekend or a week, the capital of Spain attracts you? Do not hesitate; go on vacation in Madrid as if you were at home. Day shopping or sightseeing, dinner in a small tapas bar, the specialty of Spain, then party until dawn in nightclubs, that quality time with prospects…

Madrid is truly a city that shows the best of itself only at night. Towards 22H, instead of to empty out, the nights animate themselves and the discos open. The feast begins and Madrid awakens to welcome you most warmly as possible. If you like nightlife, spin straight to Chueca neighborhood!Read More »Take a week in Madrid to celebrate