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strange rules and table manners

table manners

Strange rules and manners in the table

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In every part of the world manners vary by culture, customs and even religion; and some can be very strange. If you plan to travel to a remote, you should read the strange rules and table manners.

table manners

Older people in many cultures are respected and even revered; but in South Korea this respect is carried to the table and is older people who should begin to eat, to eat before it is considered a lack of respect.

Only with the right hand in the Middle East and India
If you are left-handed and travel to the Middle Eastern countries, some Africans already big part of India, you will be in serious trouble. Since it is forbidden to eat with the left hand, this is intended to personal hygiene. If you are left-handed, it is better to apologize and eat it later (alone).Read More »Strange rules and manners in the table