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sleep on the trees in Sweden

Tree Hotel in Harads

Sleep on the trees in Sweden: Tree Hotel in Harads

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Address must be for those who love to stay in nature, and maybe remind some moments of childhood in the garden when someone had built the tree house a dream for families, Tree Hotel is a hotel of 24 rooms spread in the Swedish forest near Harads. Each room has been designed by a Swedish designer-of course-and there are housing solutions to suit all tastes.

Tree Hotel in Harads

What you see in this UFO room; a perfect circle of 30 square meters suspended between the trunks which is accessed by a ladder (very Mars Attack!), Which can accommodate up to 4 persons (2 adults and 2 children ) and also has two bedrooms with pillows that show the spatial constellations, bathroom and living area.Read More »Sleep on the trees in Sweden: Tree Hotel in Harads