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Shopping on Rue de Charonne

Rue de Charonne

Paris: Shopping on Rue de Charonne

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Paris is a fantastic and huge city, with lots to see, lots of things to do (and not do), as surely visit the Palace of Versailles or the tomb of Napoleon, or eat oysters or pancakes.

Rue de Charonne

With such a wide and interesting it becomes difficult to choose, and it is perhaps for this reason, that in the end you end up returning to Paris, two, three and more times, eventually almost you decide to go there to live. For those who have been to Paris many times, or simply prefer to stroll in the open air rather than squeeze into a museum it can be nice to take a walk to Rue de Charonne , between Roquette and Sainte-Marguerite.Read More »Paris: Shopping on Rue de Charonne