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see the northern lights

northern lights

Where and when to see the Northern Lights

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The Aurora Borealis is evocative of a spectacular granted to a relatively high number of lucky. The same people who with patience and determination after enduring the cold, are “rewarded” by chromatic nuances that make the special sky. It is never guaranteed to be able to witness this phenomenon, but certainly better to carefully choose the place where to avoid waiting a certain disappointment.

northern lights

When you see it?
The period is rather large and is between late autumn and early spring, to be precise between the two equinoxes. For months in which it is easier to be able to attend the event, because its increase the hours of darkness, including mostly between 18 and one in the morning. To prevent the mercury drop too, might be a good idea to start between September and November, but even after if you feel because by December snow increases and the polar nights, mainly from parts of Norway. Sometimes auroras appear for several days and continuously, on other occasions, however the sky is still dark with no gradation. Let’s say that you still need a bit of luck.Read More »Where and when to see the Northern Lights