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see and do in Kyoto

do in kyoto

10 best things to see and do in Kyoto

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Kyoto is a must-see city on any trip to Japan. It was probably the city that I liked most about the trip because it represented everything I had imagined about Japanese culture. Kyoto is a traditional city and the cultural center of Japan. And also the city of a thousand temples! At each step you take you have a temple, several of them a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Not to end up with so many temples and so much beauty in this post I tell you all the plans to see and do in Kyoto that you cannot miss for anything in the world.

do in kyoto

To give you an idea Kyoto has more than 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines. Seeing them all is really impossible. To all this it is necessary to add that the city is very extensive, but be calm with this guide everything is solved.Read More »10 best things to see and do in Kyoto