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island of Goree

Goree Island

Visit to Goree Island in Senegal

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Registered in UNESCO World Heritage, Goree Island offers its passengers a visit that remains etched in your memories, because it ensures that its tragic history is never forgotten…

Goree Island

Located off Dakar, Senegal, one reaches the island of Goree in a rowboat, after a short twenty minute ride. A trip that have also made thousands of slaves in colonial times, and that leads to an island where traces of trafficking slave trade are still there to remind us of the horror of these facts.

The great celebrity, but sad celebrity, Goree Island is its “House of Slaves”. Built around 1780 full time of colonization by European powers, this house is the symbol of black slavery, a monument to remember the terrible stories that happened there. “The door of no return” on the port, where the slaves embarked, goes for its comments, but there reigns an atmosphere that leaves severe imagine what happened there for centuries.Read More »Visit to Goree Island in Senegal