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go to the sea in Japan

sea in Japan

Let’s go to the sea in Japan

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When you think of Japan, it is strange, but not immediately comes to mind the sea or a beach. And yet here we are talking about an archipelago among the richest of islands in the world. The fact is that if you do not have the courage to venture to the south, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you may not find out.

sea in Japan

Here I tell you a part of my journey three years ago in Japan, where I went on over Okinawa. The island is famous for the Japanese-American war, but rather ugly, to be such a natural paradise.

If you take a ferry (because we do not have too much time) right from Okinawa, enjoy a wonderful trip among the Islands (jima, as they say in Japanese). Point to the southwest, the nearest are Kerama, Tokashiki, Zamami and Aka. For Kume need more time. Or a small flight.Read More »Let’s go to the sea in Japan