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Geiranger in Norway

geiranger in norway

Geiranger in Norway, a beautiful village in tsunami risk

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The rock of Flydalsjuvet is a perfect place from which to observe the small village of Geiranger, at the end of Geirangefjord, which together with the Nærøyfjord, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List protected by UNESCO, for its natural beauty. Many people risk their lives to take a picture right on the edge of a rock, 307 meters above the ground. Scary, though incredibly beautiful.

geiranger in norway

Geiranger is an amazing place. Incredibly beautiful, seen that can boast the most frequented port 3° of Norway, although inhabited by only 250 people. Incredibly in danger, since a tsunami risk due to the slipping of the mountain Åkerneset, in the waters of the fjord. In the worst case, the fall of rocks could be so violent as to cause a tsunami, which can reach in 10 minutes this small Norwegian village.Read More »Geiranger in Norway, a beautiful village in tsunami risk