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festivals in Goa

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Goa: Travel Guide to the beaches in this region of India

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Goa is synonymous in the West of endless beaches and hedonistic holiday. There are mixed communities of western hippies, tourists looking for a cheap gold and rest and a permissive local population.

travel goa

Vasco da Gama discovered the region to the West and to the middle of the twentieth century was for five centuries ruled by Portugal. The former colony following today offers a large number of beach resorts for rest and relaxation and a last Christian left their footprints (today still a third of the population of Goa is Christian). Somehow, Goa is the most mixed with the West India and noticed the Latin influence in the food and customs. For example, in Goa you can buy cheap alcohol, which in the rest of the country is more difficult. In Goa celebrates Christmas and other Christian holidays. Therefore it is a curious blend, a strange familiarity.Read More »Goa: Travel Guide to the beaches in this region of India