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Dutch windmills


Kinderdijk, the land of windmills in the Netherlands

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If you’re in the Netherlands, and ask what the most unique place (nice) to see where the famous Dutch windmills, will answer Zaanse Schans, if you find yourself in Amsterdam, Kinderdijk, but if you find yourself in Rotterdam.


Kinderdijk, however, unlike the Zaanse Schans, can boast of being a UNESCO protected site, which describes it thus: “The extraordinary contribution by the Dutch to the technologies of control of water is admirably demonstrated by the installations in the Kinderdijk area. Hydraulic works for the drainage of land for agriculture have been put in place since the Middle Ages, without interruption to the present day. The country is the actual demonstration and functioning of all works associated with this technology, such as dams, reservoirs, pumping stations, administrative buildings, and of course a series of beautifully preserved windmills”.Read More »Kinderdijk, the land of windmills in the Netherlands