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do for free in New York

Staten Island Ferry

Some things you can do for free in New York

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New York is an amazing city. A city that is worth to walk not to miss anything. That is why, before you travel, should be planned very well every day to make every hour.

Staten Island Ferry

For New York, unlike what many think, has many possibilities to enjoy it without spending too much money. Sure, we are not talking about the most famous attractions, but if what you want is to save but still knowing in depth, we must pay attention to the following tips on destinations and activities available free of charge:

Staten Island Ferry: This boat provides the ability to travel without spending a euro. One recommendation is to get on board when the sun begins to fall, to enjoy a beautiful sunset behind the Statue of Liberty. Meanwhile, if you want to know Staten Island, rushing to catch the ferry back to Manhattan to enjoy the spectacle offered by the lights begins to illuminate skyscrapers.Read More »Some things you can do for free in New York