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Dead Sea holiday destination

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, your next vacation destination!

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Near Jerusalem, 85 kilometers from Tel Aviv, the heart of a mountainous landscape cut by steep gorges, the Dead Sea is actually a saltwater lake located in the heart of the Middle East, between Jordan, Israel and West Bank. The Israeli coast is the most popular because many tourist facilities have been completed and the sites offer modern comfort while allowing discovering the vast cultural heritage of the country.

Dead Sea

With an average salinity of 24%, no fish or no alga to survive in the waters of the Dead Sea and it is from this peculiarity it derives its name. This high salinity also results in a high density, so much a human being can float on water without a problem. It is, against dangerous and almost impossible to swim: the direct contact of water with the mouth or eyes may indeed be harmful.Read More »The Dead Sea, your next vacation destination!