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Aragonese Castle of Taranto

aragonese castle

What to see in Puglia: The Aragonese Castle of Taranto

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Beyond the sea and gastronomy, Puglia offers visitors many places worth visiting throughout its territory. Among the castles, for example, there is the Aragonese of Taranto.

aragonese castle

The Castel Sant’Angelo of Taranto, better known as the Aragonese castle, has a long history, as evidenced by recent excavations. The previous Greek, Byzantine and Norman-Swabian-Angevin structures are still legible and visible during the guided tour. The new Aragonese castle was rebuilt from period in the years between 1487 and 1492, according to new criteria imposed by the completion of the artillery. It seems that the reconstruction project, commissioned by the King of Naples, Ferdinand of Aragon, was made with the direct intervention or, more likely, indirect, of the great Sienese architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini. The characteristic cylindrical towers and interior walkways. Interesting Renaissance chapel of S. Leonardo inside.Read More »What to see in Puglia: The Aragonese Castle of Taranto