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alchemists of Rodolfo

museum of alchemists

What to see in Prague: The museum of alchemists

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Prague is a city that has much to offer tourists, many things to see, rich in history, known and less known, sometimes even obscure, as evidenced by a visit to the Museum of alchemists and magicians of old Prague, which builds the “work” of those in Prague were devoted to the study of those who once were called the “dark arts”.

museum of alchemists

As king of much of eastern Europe in the sixteenth century, and even then ruler of the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolph II is not remembered as a particularly powerful ruler or even effective in government, but he is widely remembered for his interest and his patronage of the occult arts. It was during his reign that Prague became the unofficial capital of the dark arts.Read More »What to see in Prague: The museum of alchemists