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advice for traveling to Sardinia

traveling to sardinia

Tips for traveling to Sardinia

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By now there are few places to discover, or rather, places where tourism is not part of the landscape. Sardinia is one of these places and perhaps is what makes it a virgin, almost undiscovered yet. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful island and the beaches of the Costa Smeralda are heavenly, especially the coves of the Maddalena Island.

traveling to sardinia

The best time to travel in this Mediterranean island is during spring and autumn, as temperatures are mild and you don’t have to support the strong heat of summer or the damp cold of winter. That’s why we advise to travel to Sardinia in these times; it is also the best way to not find crowds in the tourist attractions of Sardinia or crowds on the beaches.

Logically, if you want to enjoy its beaches advisable to plan the trip in summer, it is the hot season and when we have more desire to sunbathe and swim in the sea.Read More »Tips for traveling to Sardinia