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10 airports with more flight delays

flight delays

The 10 airports with more flight delays

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Summer is coming, and sometimes good to know if you have a few days of vacation, what the worst airports in the world are. We select the top 10 airports with more delays and cancellations:

flight delays

Long waits in an airport lounge, long walks through the halls of the terminals, bad snacks at exorbitant prices, misinformation … sound familiar? These tend to be some of the general tonic some airports. If you are someone who despairing, noting the world’s 10 worst airports where delays and flight cancellations happen more often.

Among the 10 airports with greater delays of the world highlights Frankfurt, Heathrow and Barajas airport. To make this type of ranking data have been used calculated based on the claims for delays made by at 238 airports. And data have been extracted based on claims for cancellations made at 229 airports. It is remarkable that in just nine months have successfully processed complaints in over 50 countries on 5 continents and in front of 122 airlines.Read More »The 10 airports with more flight delays