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South Korea, a must for technology geeks

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World leader in production of gadgets and mobile connectivity, South Korea is the latest Asian giant that sets trends in information technology.

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South Korea is the ultimate geek paradise. In the hands of multinational companies like Samsung and LG has become the latest of super-capitalists Asian countries set a trend in the field of technology and one of the world leaders in production of gadgets, and making strides in terms of connectivity (announced being the first country in the world to develop fourth-generation – 4 G – mobile Internet), robotics and automation.

High-tech environment
The strong commitment of South Korea technology becomes not only the tourist destination for the purchase of electronic products, but also offers immersion in ultra tech world and visit the centers of experimentation where are cooked the innovations that will revolutionize our way of life.

The technological omnipresence is felt in the daily lives of South Korea, and especially in its capital, Seoul, is already walking in the Incheon Bussiness Hub, an authentic Asian Silicon Valley, or contemplating, such virtual stores installed in meter that allow Koreans make the purchase using QR code. And of course, there are many shopping malls where you can buy the latest gadgets related to telephony, TV and Internet.

Peering into the future
South Korea boasts of technological capability in their experimental centers, which are open to the public free of charge and guide service in multiple languages. These are the Samsung D’light, where the newest flagship of the Korean IT industry gadgtes exposed, the Digital Pavilion, where you can interact with the latest innovations in automation; the T.Um focused on wireless communications, and Tomorrow City, a place to learn about the research of the Asian country in cybernetics applied to urban spaces.

On these places you can buy, interact and above all discover, since these are a showcase of where future technology is heading.