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Japan: The Otaue Festival, Osaka

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The rice in Japan is more than a dish. It is a symbol, a ritual that must be respected in all its stages, from planting to harvest. This is why every second Saturday in June – on June 14 this year – the ritual of rice planting is part of a celebration called the Otaue Festival , held at Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine (Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine) in Osaka.

otaue festival

An ancient and beautiful ceremony, in traditional costumes and rituals: the fallow of the rice paddies made with the help of the bulls, the impressive samurai fashion show, dancers, priests, geisha.

A religious ceremony, which takes place with prayer, then followed by rice transplanting – always accompanied by dancing and dancing – which formerly was intended to invoke the abundance of crops and the quality of rice, but today has become a ‘tourist attraction in full respect of the traditions.

The liveliest event performance is the Sumiyoshi Odori, a prayer dance for 150 girls. After the Otaue Fetival you must then wait until November 23, when a ceremony is held to express gratitude for the bountiful harvest.