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Algarve: Popular destination for summer

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The Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal; its name comes from the Arabic word for the West, Al-Gharb, which designated this region during the Moorish occupation. The capital of the Algarve is Faro but the accommodation options are numerous in the cities of the province such that Albufeira, Lagos or Lagoa.


Beautiful beaches and charming hinterland: the Algarve has appeal. Populated with almond, fig and orange trees, the Algarve enjoys a subtropical Mediterranean climate trend. This is what makes a stay in the Algarve so pleasant throughout the year. Agriculture is well developed, particularly fruit trees and especially citrus. Market stalls full of fresh, high quality. The stalls of fishmongers are also essential not only for fish of the Atlantic but also for the wide variety of seafood you’ll find.

Faro is the centre of cultural and tourist activity: beyond gorgeous buildings of the 18th century from the city center of Faro, this stunning city is full of restaurants, cafes, theaters and shops… and beautiful beaches! A few kilometers from the city center, the Atlantic ocean waves lapping on a wide strip of golden sand washed by the sun… Near Faro is the famous lagoon Ria Formosa, nature reserve which is home to thousands of birds.

The Algarve is also a destination to be enjoyed for all food lovers: Portuguese explorers brought back from their travels they have ingredients combined to produce. This blend of flavors born typical dishes such as the Cataplana Algarve (based on seafood and vegetables), the Perdiz com ameijoas (based partridge, clams and vegetables) and other dishes based on fish, seafood, etc….