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February 2019

humpback whales

A trip in search of the humpback whales

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In the first months of the year thousands of humpback whales gather in the Samana Bay offering a unique show that is repeated every year in the Dominican Republic. These whales, also called Yubartas, go from mid-January to the end of March to the warm waters of the Samana Bay, in the north of the country, to mate or to have their baby. It is the occasion to be able to spot these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat and enjoy a unique tourist attraction in the Caribbean.

humpback whales

The whales travel thousands of kilometers from the seas of Iceland, Greenland and North America to end their journey in the Samana Bay. It is surprising the unwieldiness of these bulky animals, which can weigh 40 tons, jumping on the waves and then collapsing on them. This way the males behave to wake up the interest of the females, while emitting characteristic sounds that can be heard within a radius of 30 kilometers around the water.Read More »A trip in search of the humpback whales