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travel by plane for the first time

travel by plane

Tips for travel by plane for the first time

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To who has not happened that feeling of having a little scary when comes the moment to fly in plane for the first time? Do not know how it will be the time of take-off will not let you think about other things you should consider when planning your trip.

travel by plane

Before it comes time to travel to your dream destination have to consider some recommendations that will be very useful during your flight.

Before leaving

  • Make sure you have all the documents that you need to travel to destination.
  • Take into account how much weight you can for travel. All airlines have a weight limit for carry (don’t forget that whenever you came return with more weight than you go out).
  • Prepare a lightweight hand bag, but with everything that you need to make your trip a moment of distension (cameras, tablets or books).
  • Remember that in your hand luggage, you cannot carry liquids or sharp objects.
  • Travel with comfortable clothing, and wearing a light jacket to avoid being cold.

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