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tower of Sainte-Suzanne

tower Sainte Suzanne

The tower of Sainte-Suzanne

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This is a real immersion in the Middle Ages that invite Gilles Raab and his wife Claudine. Since 1990, this passionate actor, former stuntman, goes up every year in this old farm, a show featuring jousting. Collaborating deemed historian, Regine Pernoud, specialist in this unknown period, it is the undisputed assaults of castles and medieval battles.

tower Sainte Suzanne

The farm has been completely reshaped by it for the sake of the cause. This is a true copy of what was to be a big castle in the Middle Ages, that is to say, in the twelfth century. To you now donning the costume back in time and become, within a night (or maybe more!) the new lord of La Ferte-Clairbois.Read More »The tower of Sainte-Suzanne