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museums in Stockholm

Vasa Museum

Museums in Stockholm: Vasa, modern and National museum

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Stockholm is definitely not famous for its museums, but there are many museums, galleries and permanent exhibitions, not that you can see around the city, where discover the history, or simply admire works of art. To discover the city’s history and Swedish culture simply visit the Historiska Museum, Nordiska Museum, dedicated to the history and traditions, or the Vasa Museum, which contains a galleon of 1600.

Vasa Museum

The latter was built and dedicated to a galleon that sank a few miles from the port of Stockholm on the day of its launch, remaining stranded at sea for centuries before being recovered almost entirely and transported to the museum in the 60s. In Vasamuseet you can watch it in a way that illustrates the history and characteristics.Read More »Museums in Stockholm: Vasa, modern and National museum