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most important of Lisbon


What to see in Lisbon…

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Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, and the largest city in the country. This wonderful city has many places to visit. Whether you have a weekend or several days, you’ll love Lisbon.


If you like to walk through the cities, you will love Lisbon, because it has several important places you can not miss. For example:

Trade Square: This is the most important of Lisbon. It consists of a set of buildings, facing the Tagus River. Once there came boats and this is known as the door of Lisbon. There is a river station where the tours depart by the Tagus River and the ships that cross the river. In this square there are two points of interest: The Triumphal Arco da Rua Augusta, and The equestrian statue of Jose I.Read More »What to see in Lisbon…