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Livigno Lake

livigno lake

Holidays in the mountains: by boat on Livigno lake

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Its scientific name is Livigno Lake, it is called Lago di Livigno, the Italian resort that is located on the southern shores of this stretch of water that marks the border with Switzerland. The shape of a reverse hook is explained by its artificial nature, whose end is closed by Punt dal Gall dam, holding 164 million cubic meters of liquid.

livigno lake

Technical notes aside, we see that there are interesting new tourists to Livigno Lake: from 3 August you can navigate waters with non-motorized boats up to 6 meters long and 1.5 meters draft. You will be able to go kayaking, kite surfing, windsurfing and canoeing, boating or rowing. Will be activated rental service vessels (open from 10 to 18) and will be banned bathing, apparently for the water temperature is too low.Read More »Holidays in the mountains: by boat on Livigno lake