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how to avoid mosquito bites

avoid mosquito bites

This summer, how to avoid mosquito bites?

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Summer is finally! To you sunbathing, napping lulled by the cicadas, barbecues with family and friends that last up to an hour and not, unfortunately though, the return of mosquitoes… Here are some tips to avoid getting bullied by these small insects that can ruin the most beautiful evenings.

avoid mosquito bites

Simple but effective bit of advice: wearing more clothes, you’ll have much less chance of being stung!

It is also advisable to apply a few drops of essential oils of lavender, lemongrass or lemon in the palm of your wrist or your neck, so that the essence emerges. Indeed, it is a more than effective natural repellent to guard against possible-and-stinging mosquito bites. There are also good deterrents in pharmacy. Nevertheless, careful to read the instructions carefully, certain products are not suitable for young children.Read More »This summer, how to avoid mosquito bites?