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holiday in Mallorca

Balearic Islands

Fly to the Balearics

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Fly to the Balearic Islands in search of sun, sea and relaxation! Enjoy your holiday in Spain to come to discover the five islands that make up the Balearic archipelago, one of 17 autonomous communities in Spain. Mallorca to Menorca via Ibiza, Cabrera and foment opt for a dream vacation from the bustling city.

Balearic Islands

In Ibiza enjoy your stay under the sign of leisure to attend to the many wild celebrations hosted by the hottest DJ of the moment. In search of the exotic and quiet, choose a holiday in Mallorca or one of the other islands of the Mediterranean archipelago. In Palma de Mallorca, discover as the local villages to new cultural and archaeological remains. Follow the footsteps of the philosopher Raymond Lull, who in the 15th had founded a school of theology, admire the works of Phoenician, Roman and Carthaginian who populated the Islands in ancient times.Read More »Fly to the Balearics