Florence: ideal city for family holidays

With the arrival of spring is already starting to think about the next destination for summer holidays. And it is better to do it in advance when we decided to move abroad with the whole family, but we have not yet chosen destination!


For some, the city’s most fashionable in 2011 would … Florence. Followed by Edinburgh and London, this luminous city of Italy, a veritable jewel of Renaissance art attracted by its proximity and its cultural richness.

The impressive Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore to the statue of David, a masterpiece of Michael Angelo, to the 500 Touring Club, the city knows how to satisfy the curiosity. It must be said that Florence alone brings nearly 25% of works of art from around the world…

The Mediterranean climate, and the cost of living would be cheaper three other reasons that would push families to choose Florence over another European city.

Finally, despite the large size of the city, it is easily found in the countryside to enjoy the outdoor recreation of Tuscany and have a good time more or less sporty family.

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